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Debunking Networking Myths (Part I)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

(Note: This is the first part in a three-part series on networking, excerpted from our networking e-book "Stop Job Searching Start Networking")


Myth #1:  Networking is simply getting a job because you know someone. 

The following is not a likely scenario:

You:  I know Darren – he’s a big shot at Accenture.  He said you’d give me a job.

Recruiting Director:  Of course, I will.  You’re hired.  We’ll see you on Monday morning at 9:00.  I’m assuming $200,000 will work for you as your new IT Specialist salary.

Sadly, that’s not what networking is all about.

Networking is about tapping into connections you have to help you gain the opportunity to get a job.  When they say that 66% of people get jobs through networking, it doesn’t mean that 2/3 of people were handed their job because they happened to know someone.  It means someone helped them get the interview or helped them get their resume noticed by HR.

When it’s time to hire a candidate, recruiting directors are looking for some help.  This is because the recruiting department is flooded with resumes.  As a result, there’s no way to interview all the qualified applicants.  There might be sixty or seventy people in the pile of 500 resumes who could do the job, but it’s tough to know who the best ones are.

If you are recommended by someone in the company, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a job – or even an interview.  However, the fact that you come “prescreened” by someone at the organization dramatically enhances your chance of getting that interview.

At smaller organizations, the situation can be similar.  Without a dedicated recruiting department, usually someone at the company says, “Hey, we need a new receptionist.  Does anyone know someone?”

In either scenario, having a connection is your key to landing a job.

So how can you make sure your resume gets into the hands of the hiring manager or recruiting director? Find out tomorrow in Part II.

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