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JobBound is Hiring

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Would you like to sit at the table with the CEO and voice your opinion on the company's goals? - What if that opinion and idea was heard and even implemented? Would you like to join a growing company with a lot of energy and personality? - What if you helped create those qualities everyday?

If being just another faceless employee in a cubicle or going day after day without a thank-you doesn't sound appealing to you, then our company and culture may be what you're looking for. Our business is fast-paced, creative, and personal. We come up with ideas today, and we implement them tomorrow - or that night if we're really excited.

The qualities that we need most in this position are initiative, attention to detail, and flawless execution. We're a young company, and we're recruiting a bright, determined professional to help keep our business running smoothly. We have a host of operational challenges and opportunities, and we want a team member who can come up with solutions - and implement those solutions from start to finish.

We have two businesses, and we have a lot of exciting information, schedules, travel, and events that we would like you to help manage. We have marketing blasts, customer calls, client follow ups, and inquiry emails, and we need an efficient coordinator. If you prove yourself in this position, there is opportunity for more responsibilities and strategic projects.

This position is part office manager, part executive assistant, part project coordinator, and part operations associate. It's a little bit of everything for a small and growing company.

If this is starting to sound intriguing, perhaps there's a match. Does this sound like you?

o I take pride in my work, and flawless execution and accuracy are important to me.

o I love to think ahead of how I can make my boss' job easier.

o I enjoy figuring out how I can make any activity or duty better or faster.

o I am a team player who enjoys coordinating operations and logistics.

o I love to learn new skills and grow professionally.

o I'm not intimidated by "just figuring something out" that's new to me.

o I try to go above and beyond in everything that's asked of me at work.

o I want to work in a small, positive environment where my efforts are appreciated.

One of the great benefits of working for JobBound is that it's a small but growing company. Many of the traditional "rules" are quite flexible. We think the traditional benefits will be more than comparable to other jobs out there. In addition, there's a wonderful host of non-traditional benefits. Some of the highlights include:

o Competitive salary
o Health insurance
o 10 paid holidays
o 2 weeks vacation
o Summer hours, Cubs games, company lunches, and more

Typical Day

Everyone always wants to know what a typical day is like. And every company always says "there's no such thing as a typical day." Of course that's true, but here's a taste of what you can expect - just don't hold us to every detail!

8:15am - Arrive at office (The work day "officially" starts at 9:00am, but you go above & beyond)
8:30am - Team meeting to discuss what's cooking for the week
9:00am - Coordinate Brad's travel schedule for the month
9:30am - Customize a resource packet for next week's training presentation
10:00am - E-mail customer service evaluations to this month's customers
10:30am - Brad tells a bad joke (feign laughter)
10:35am - Spreadsheet time! Enter customer information into our e-mail system
12:00pm - Lunch (on this day you had a Caesar salad with grilled chicken)
12:30pm - Update our "On Tour" calendar and "In the News" section on our website
1:00pm - Research contact info for reporters for upcoming media blitz
2:00pm - Follow up with clients' questions via e-mail
3:00pm - Boggle break! (Everyone loves Boggle)
3:30pm - Order holiday gifts for JobBound's top clients
4:30pm - Make a Twitter/Facebook update
4:45pm - Post JobBound article in various forums and online networks to boost website traffic
6:00pm - Check Brad's email to clear out the spam and to get back to a few clients
6:30pm - Call it a day (sure the work day "officially" ends at 5:00pm, but there's work to be done)

Final Thoughts

If that sounded pretty good to you, we may be the right place. Here are a few final thoughts:

1. You have to have a great attitude. We won't stand for anything else.
2. You must love to work. If this is a chore, it's no fun for anyone.
3. You have to be passionate about helping people land jobs and helping people succeed in the working world - that's what we do.
4. You have to embrace small company culture.
5. You have to be willing to pitch in and do virtually anything.

Now what?

o Send your cover letter and resume to cpike@jobbound.com by March 26, 2010.
o Start date is May 1, 2010.
o Call 773.404.9661 or email Courtney at cpike@jobbound.com with questions.


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