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Job Search 101 Career Video Series


Career Development in 3 Minutes or Less

Let’s face it, many students have short attention spans. They want fast information NOW. They have textbooks to read, case studies to examine, and lectures to comprehend, so they crave information that is high-tech, dynamic, and succinct. They prefer surfing, uploading, downloading, and sharing information right away.

"Very well done, particularly if you put yourself in the shoes of today's media-savvy students."
-Peter Vogt, Campus Career Counselor Newsletter
"Fun, full of great facts, and definitely speaks to the YouTube generation."
-Mike Sciola, Director of Career Services, Wesleyan University
"Terrific little gems... excellent, fun tools to get the information across to our students!"
-Marlene Simon, Director of Career Services & Internships, Mount St. Mary's College

So how can you reach students on their terms? JobBound has created videos that spread the good word about landing a job and succeeding in the working world. When it comes to reaching students in a YouTube world – if you can’t beat ‘em…join ‘em.

In this ten-video series, nationally recognized job search expert, Brad Karsh provides tangible advice on students’ greatest job search concerns. Each three-minute video is packed with specific tips delivered in an easy to digest and engaging way. By simply clicking on the video, students receive valuable job search advice through a media they love. This will help establish your career center as a relevant and compelling information source.

Importantly, each video is customized for your organization with opening and closing frames featuring your targeted information as well as your organization’s name and logo “ghosted” throughout the video.

Contact Us to preview or purchase the videos.

These videos highlight these ten topics in three minutes each:

Preparing for a Career Fair
So many companies, so little time to make a lasting impression. Students learn how to successfully navigate a career fair and make the most out of their company interactions.
Five Student Resume No No’s
We’ve all seen it! Students make the same mistakes time and time again. This interactive video warns students against the five resume red flags, and it guides them towards creating a resume that gets results.
Inside the Mind of the Interviewer
The terror-inducing, fright-provoking job interview! Students often consider an interview as a “battle of wits” with the Recruiting Director. Fortunately, this video debunks the myth of the evil Recruiting Director and shows students how to enter an interview relaxed, prepared, and confident.
Networking Your Way to a Job
Students are advised time and time again to network, yet they simply don’t do it. The main reasons are that they are intimidated, and they are not entirely sure what to do. In this power-packed video, students learn a step-by-step plan to network that strips out all the fear and uncertainty.
Answering the Salary Question
We all know that our students are priceless, but how much does a company think they are worth? One of the most difficult questions to answer is: “What are your salary expectations?” Through real interview scenarios, this video shows exactly how a student should approach the sticky salary question.
How Facebook Can Crash Your Career
What you do and say online is searchable, and it's available to anyone worldwide. Through real-life examples, students learn how to avoid the potential pitfalls that are sinking careers across the country.
The Cover Letter: A Teaser Ad for Your Resume
A cover letter should be a teaser advertisement for the resume, so why do 95% of them say the exact, same thing? In this fast-paced lesson, students learn what's wrong with the "typical" cover letter and how to write a short, catchy letter that works.
Answering "What Are Your Weaknesses?"
Most students dread that infamous interview question: "What are your weaknesses?" In this fun, enlightening video, students see how to avoid the "canned" answers and how to deliver an intelligent and thoughtful answer.
Making the Most Out of Your Internship
A student's performance in an internship can greatly effect their chances of landing a full-time job. In three minutes, students get the scoop on internship success - everything from attitude and initiative to professional correspondence and appropriate attire.
Dress for Success
Perception is reality. Although students may try to fight it, the truth is that dress and appearance can go a long way towards building workplace respect. Thankfully, through this video, students discover the essentials of proper interview attire which will ensure a positive first impression.

These videos can be purchased and posted on your career center’s web site for your students’ viewing pleasure. Pricing is divided into three tiers based on undergraduate enrollment. The videos can be purchased on a yearly subscription basis, or they can be purchased through a one-time fee to serve as a lifetime resource.

Let’s be honest, watching a three-minute video is much more engaging than reading a three-page career article. This is a way that you can give your students the information they need through a media they want.

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Schools big and small have selected Job Search 101 as their new media resource of choice. Join them today! Contact Us to preview or purchase the videos.

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