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Communication Styles

2 hours | 8 - 24 Participants | Employees with Less Than 10 Years of Experience

Working in teams is one of the most important components of success in the working world. Poorly performing teams can drain an organization and individuals alike. Leading a team, working with colleagues, and even managing a team are not easy tasks. In this enlightening program, we offer the secrets to working with even the most difficult team members. During the session, participants take a humorous yet informative glance at their own, distinct communication style as well as their colleagues' unique tendencies. Everyone learns why the cast of Seinfeld makes a great team and how that dynamic manifests itself in the workplace. The program is also chock-full of real-world work scenarios to bring the learning to life.

Participants leave this program with the tools to:

  • Understand their unique communication style and how it plays out on their team
  • Recognize the distinct style of co-workers, managers, and direct reports
  • Value and appreciate the different qualities that each individual brings to the team
  • Adapt to various personalities and predispositions amongst team members
  • Welcome differences and move towards a common goal
  • Work successfully and efficiently as part of a solid team

This power-packed course gives professionals the inside secrets for mastering interpersonal relationships at work with success.

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