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The Keys to Workplace Success

half day | 8-24 participants | employees with less than 6 years of experience

Navigating the business world can be a tricky proposition. Often, it's not the job duties but the soft skills that bog employees down. This half-day workshop covers all of the critical issues that millennials face including: working with the different generations in the workplace, managing bosses, and giving and receiving feedback. The entire program is hands-on and engaging, with numerous individual and group exercises.

The program begins with an enlightening perspective on the four generations - Millennials, Gen Xers, Boomers, and Traditionalists. To help bridge the gap, the workshop explains the driving forces, perspectives, and communication styles of each generation. Millennials grasp an understanding and awareness of how they are perceived and how they can adjust their style to move forward with professionalism and success.

The course also covers managing a boss and delivering and receiving feedback. These soft skills are essential to any positive, working relationship, and participants can incorporate these lessons immediately into their everyday business communications.

Participants leave this session with the ability to:

  • Identify the motivations and distinct characteristics of the four generations in the workforce
  • Recognize the perception of millennials in the eyes of others
  • Learn how to adjust their style as a millennial to work effectively with older generations
  • Understand how to work with their boss's unique management style
  • Present problems or opportunities to a manager or co-worker
  • Give direct, open, and honest feedback to inspire and motivate action
  • Receive constructive criticism candidly to move towards personal and professional improvement

This power-packed workshop provides the insight, knowledge, and keys to be a success in the workplace today.

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Millennials Mean Business: Developing Your Future Leaders

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