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The Right Start

full day or half day | 8-24 participants
interns or new hires with less than 6 months of experience

Making the move from campus to the office is one of the most difficult transitions in life. The experience can be trying for both the employer as well as the employee. The ability to hit the ground running is critical to professional success.

This workshop covers all of the major issues that a new employee or intern will face including: working in teams, taking initiative, time management, diversity, business etiquette and goal setting. In this program, participants hear a fairy tale without a happy ending in order to facilitate teamwork and communication styles. The workshop covers the good things new hires did in college that will get them fired in the real world. New hires play the race of life, create a new society, and much more. All exercises allow attendees to walk away with specific skills that help them succeed in the workplace from day one.

Participants leave this session with the ability to:

  • Understand why they don't necessarily get along with everyone in their group
  • Recognize how to gain appreciation from their boss and team
  • Act with the appropriate professionalism in all situations
  • Manage time more effectively and master the art of taking initiative
  • Appreciate the diversity that others bring to the workplace
  • Set, manage, and complete meaningful professional and personal goals

This interactive, highly engaging workshop offers specific tools to make the first days of transition a lot easier!

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